Lee Soo Hyuk and Kim Young Kwang opened up about the difficulties of having a modeling career before an acting one on “Healing Camp.”

On the June 8 episode of SBS talk show “Healing Camp,” Kim Young Kwang and Lee Soo Hyuk told stories about a humiliating moment at an acting audition.

Lee Soo Hyuk said, “One time, I went to an acting audition, and a lot of the people who were working hard as models at the time like Kim Young Kwang and Sung Joon were all there. But the staff made us do a walk instead of asking us to act. I felt belittled.”

At that, Kim Young Kwang added, “Before we went into the audition, [the auditionees] greeted each other pleasantly, but when we came out, none of us were in a good mood.” Lee Soo Hyuk added, “Sometimes, they look at us worse than if we were rookies.”

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