Back when SHINee were still rookies, they appeared on interview show, Guerrilla Date. Key had hilariously revealed what their producer, Lee Soo Man, who is also the founding father of SM Entertainment, had told the group upon debut.

He first praised Onew, saying that the leader had a great voice.

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He then told Taemin that he should learn to dance more “roundly“, presumably meaning softer.

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As expected, Minho was complimented for his outstanding visuals.

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Main vocal Jonghyun got the same compliment as Onew, for his beautiful voice.

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However, as Key started recalling what Lee Soo Man had told him, his expression started to change.

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His face.

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It turns out, Lee Soo Man had told Key that as he had a wide forehead, he was bound for success!

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Well, Lee Soo Man wasn’t wrong! SHINee, and Key of course, had gone on to become one of the most successful K-Pop boy groups in history. They are especially lauded for their unique music and concepts. Perhaps you can tell one’s fortune by their facial features after all.