Actor Lee Soon Jae shared his thoughts about the recent sexual harassment allegations and “Me Too” movement on CBS Radio’s “Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show.”

Lee Soon Jae mentioned, “I am unable to express what I feel about the incidents that have been buried and are now being revealed from all walks of life. It is tragic.”

Lee Soon Jae reprimanded the perpetrators and said, “It was bound to happen and be revealed. The perpetrators are people I personally know. They said ‘I will leave this industry’ and ‘I will deeply reflect.’ They need to put an end to this and leave the industry as they promised. Those who promised to self-reflect should do so diligently and have an apologetic mindset for the rest of their lives.”

Lee Soon Jae conveyed his message for victims of sexual harassment and said, “I would like to ask those who left the theater scene to look forward, rather than at the past. It is not your mistake, so it is never too late. I hope that you will not forgo your dreams because of the hurt you have been through and that you will be able to stand on stage again. Everything is definitely not the victims’ fault.”

Lee Soon Jae apologized, “I really have nothing else to say other than ‘I’m sorry.’ Moving forward I will be conscientious and work hard with my colleagues to show good projects, performances, and acting.”

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