Actress Lee Sung Kyung confessed the negative parts of being a rising star during an interview with the American fashion magazine, W.

In particular, she spoke about the constant attention. She mentioned that she went on a trip along to Paris, France in January of this year. She said, “I had time for myself that I could never have had in Korea. In Korea, I felt that even when I was alone, someone was watching me. I couldn’t lose them. My time in Paris was healing itself.”

She also spoke about the countless dating rumors she had been a part of and denied. She said, “I spend a lot of time indoors now compared to the past. I don’t go out of the house without a hat that would cover my face. If I’m so much as walking with a friend, the dating rumors are everywhere, so I have to be particularly careful.”

When asked about whether she had a boyfriend, she said, “It’s impossible to have one because of the tabloids. There are so many rumors about me and male models and other men that I know. It feels like I’m dating hundreds of people at once. It’s absolutely exhausting.”

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