Charming Actor Lee Tae Hwan recently did an interview where he dished about his KBS 2TV‘s drama Royal Secret Agent. 

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Royal Secret Agent did incredibly well as it exceeded its own highest rating record several times. The historical comedic drama’s final episode reached a nationwide rating of 10.2 and 14.0 percent.

The drama was so popular that Lee Tae Hwan shared that his family and friends bombarded him with messages and pictures of them proudly watching his drama live. He also added that “The age range of people who recognize me has increased.”

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Lee Tae Hwan was then asked about his most memorable scene and he answered with a good one!

In the last episode, the scene where Sung Yi Kyum (played by Kim Myung Soo) aimed a knife at Sung Yi Bum (Lee Tae Hwan’s character). The feelings of the two brothers have been steadily disappears through the scene, and just by looking at their eyes, you can feel the feeling of forgiving and understanding in each other, which is the most memorable.

— Lee Tae Hwan


As for how he prepared for his role of Sung Yi Bum, Sung Yi Kyum’s half brother and leader of the bandits, Lee Tae Hwan stated he studied a lot!

I studied the soft charisma that was presented well by the characters that Kim Nam Gil and Yoo Yeon Seok played in ‘The Great Queen Seondeok‘ and ‘Mr. Sunshine.’

— Lee Tae Hwan

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Lee Tae Hwan also claimed he had to prepare for the various action scenes within the drama.

I have had many experiences with action, but since there was a lot of swordsmanship, I attended four-hour classes at an action school for three times a week and practiced with focus. I concentrated so much on preparing for the action scenes that my toenails turned black.

— Lee Tae Hwan

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Since Lee Tae Hwan played the half-brother to Kim Myung Soo’s character, he shared the method he used to convey the right emotions.

Normally, brothers fight a lot as they grow up. I acted while thinking of him as a person I couldn’t hate even if I tried. Although Sung Yi Bum and Sung Yi Kyum fought a lot because of their different values, I knew that deep inside, he would be thinking, ‘But he’s still my brother,’ and conveyed that in my acting.

— Lee Tae Hwan

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When questioned on if he and his character had any similarities, Lee Tae Hwan shared that both share the same mindset when it comes to problem-solving.

When there’s a problem, I try to do the right thing. I also resemble him in that I have a strong sense of justice.

— Lee Tae Hwan

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