It was recently announced that MBC would be airing a special documentary about Super Junior titled, “MBC Special – Super Junior Dreams of a K-Pop Legend.” The special was aired on April 27, and it featured Super Junior’s concert in France that was held on April 6, as well as the heartfelt personal stories of the members.

When asked what difficulties he faced before he debuted, it took a while before Lee Teuk could say anything. After several minutes of crying, he finally said said, “During my five years of being a trainee, I wondered if I’d be able to debut, why I was so unfortunate, and thought that if I were born in a wealthier household I would be happier….” as he thought back about his time as a trainee.

He continued, “I’ve never talked about this before….my parents had a bad relationship. There was a lot of that before. They fought a lot, and I got hit a lot, too,” as he shed tears.” Also, “When I was in elementary school, there was a lot of stress from that, and I was fearful of and disliked my father. As a result, I wondered if this (being a trainee) was what was right for me, and I wanted to be successful quickly.”

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In the clip below, there is also a short segment of fellow member Donghae‘s interview. He cries as he talks about his father. He mentions how he still has his father’s number on his phone and still looks at it during the times when he misses his father’s voice the most, such as birthday, award ceremonies, and holidays.

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