On April 1, Leeteuk posted his phone number without the last three digits on twitter. Since the revealed number from the last digits was 1, Leeteuk’s fans guessed that his last four digits would be “1004” as his twitter account is “special1004” — causing a storm of calls to that number. 

However, the last four digits of Leeteuk’s phone number weren’t “1004.” A friend of the owner of the “1004” number posted a screenshot of the victim’s call log online, asking Leeteuk’s fans to stop. The person stated, “My friend has been getting phone calls nonstop since 4am.” The victim also asked Leeteuk to take an action via Twitter. He soon deleted his original post and wrote on twitter again, “Don’t be fooled by fake numbers. Just call my number here.” This time, he revealed his real phone number.

Later on the day, Leeteuk posted on twitter once again, “My phone has been off due to the large number of calls I’ve been getting. But I’m okay as long as you guys have fun.” However, the victim and the friend were not happy with Leeteuk’s action. They criticized Leeteuk, “Aren’t you supposed to apologize first? My friend is still getting phone calls and texts.”  

Some netizens agreed with the victim, “Leeteuk was thoughtless. What was he thinking? He didn’t think that someone else might have that phone number?” However, other netizens and fans sided with Leeteuk, “It was a prank. Leeteuk didn’t know that fans will call that number.” 

What is your stance on this?