Today, worldwide fans of Super Junior’s Lee Teuk prepared a special event in celebration of their favorite star’s birthday! Lee Teuk fans from all over the world wished him a happy birthday today by participating in a donation for children suffering from childhood cancer.

The birthday boy tweeted a photo of the donation certificate, along with the following thank-you message: “Thank you for the doing something so meaningful again on my birthday. So many people from around the globe participated. Rather than being congratulated, I should pat all the E.L.Fs for their great work!”

Lee Teuk Fans from various countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Japan, U.S.A, and France, collected over $2200 and donated it to “World Child Cancer,” a registered charity which helps children with cancer in developing countries.

The fans stated “I hope this donation money can be used for curing children who are suffering from cancer and living in poverty.” Meanwhile, this donation event, which was centered around international fans, was held from February 14th to June 20th.

 Happy 28th birthday Lee Teuk! de42