Lee Yeon Hee honestly talked about her controversial “bad acting” through a promotional advertisement video clip of a cosmetic products brand she is representing as the endorsement model. She stated, “Nowadays, I search myself on the internet on my smartphone. When I come across posts talking badly about my drama and/or criticizing my ‘bad acting,’ it hurts me a lot. Sometimes, I feel so hurt and attacked that I cry when I’m alone.”

She added, “So many people have been paying very close attention to my acting in SBS ‘Ghost.’ As much as I am thankful for all the attention, it also burdens me greatly. I do recognize the responsibilities in playing my role. I will try my best, so please continue to pay close attention to and support my acting.”

Previously, Lee Yeon Hee’s acting in MBC “East of Eden” was harshly criticized by critiques and netizens in 2009. Many critiques pointed out her vocalization, unexpressive facial expressions, and unnatural emotional expression as problems and hinderances in fully portraying what “East of Eden” was trying to convey through her character.