Actress Lee Yeon Hee made a fresh new transformation into a pixie-cut, platinum blonde femme fatale!

Lee Yeo Hee rocked a blonde bob for a recent photo shoot for “Harper’s Bazaar” magazine.

She didn’t actually cut her hair that way but sported a wig for the shoot. Lee Yeon Hee says that it was her first time working in a blonde wig and was surprised to see how she looked.

Lee Yeon Hee executed the photo shoot with charisma and a fierce attitude that made her seem like a professional model. The photo shoot staff has been reported to be surprised at her professionalism of posing and understanding the concept of the shoot.

Sources commented, “This photo shoot transformed Lee Yeon Hee into an androgynous icon where she played between the lines of innocence and provocation.”

Check out the hot photos below!

062613 bazaar lee yeon hee

062613 bazaar lee yeon hee 2

062613 bazaar lee yeon hee 3