Actress Lee Yeon Hee unveiled the drinking habits of her close friend BoA! On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News,” Lee Yeon Hee was asked by the reporter “I heard you were makgeolli buddies with BoA?” The actress replied, “BoA loves makgeolli.”

She added, “When BoA drinks makgeolli, she starts to act in a cute and charming manner.” However, she seemed a bit aflutter while revealing BoA’s secret, stating “I’m not supposed to say this.”

When the reporter asked, “Don’t you act in a cuter manner than BoA?” in reference to her cute acting in “My Love,” the star stressed the fact that she isn’t like that by replying “That’s a misconception. Acting is just acting.”

Meanwhile, Lee Yeon Hee received much attention for sending a video message to Hyun Bin, whom she shot a CF together with, saying “To veteran soldiers of Hyun Bin, please help Hyun Bin so that he can a have a comfortable time during his military service.”

Source: TV Report