Actress Lee Yeon Hee took a couple of pictures of herself for her fans via Facebook to thank them on her birthday. On her official Facebook page it said, “Today (Lunar Calendar January 9) is actress Lee Yeon Hee’s 28th birthday. She says that she spent a very good birthday thanks to her fans.”

Lee Yeon Hee recently starred in the movie “Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island” alongside Kim Myung Min and Oh Dal Su. It is the sequel of the 2011 movie “Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow.” Set in 1795, Detective K (Kim Myung Min) and his partner Seo Pil (Oh Dal Su) attempt to uncover a criminal ring that is threatening the reign of the Joseon Dynasty.

This year, Lee Yeon Hee will be appearing in another period production named “Splendid Politics” and will be taking on the role of Princess Jeongmyung.

Lee Yeon Hee pic