Lee Yi Kyung is cast as detective Kang Ji Heon in MBC’s upcoming drama “Red Moon, Blue Sea” (literal translation).

Kang Ji Heon is a violent crimes detective with a strong faith in justice and law. He finds it hard to express his emotions freely due to the incidents from his past which he keeps as a secret. Although he looks like an easygoing person on the outside, there’s a serious story behind him. Since Lee Yi Kyung was praised for his acting in “Partners for Justice,” viewers are curious to find out what kind of acting he will show through the character Kang Ji Heon.

The drama “Red Moon, Blue Sun” will tell the story of a woman who lost everything after an accident that happened in a moment’s time and the incidents that she encounters while trying to find out the truth behind the accident. Kim Sun Ah is in talks to play the lead.

“Red Moon, Blue Sea” is scheduled to broadcast after the finale of “Terius Behind Me.” Check out Lee Yi Kyung’s role as Detective Cha Soo Ho in “Partners for Justice” below!

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