Lee Yi Kyung opened up about his relationship with Jung In Sun, including who introduced them to each other!

The episode of tvN’s “Seoulmate” that aired on April 28 was the first since it was announced that the two were dating, and Lee Yi Kyung took some time to answer questions about their relationship. He began by saying, “We started dating since I was in ‘Go Back Couple‘ and by chance, we were cast in the same drama for ‘Waikiki.’ This summer will mark our one month anniversary. We’ve been dating quietly.”

When asked if Lee Ki Woo, a close friend of Lee Yi Kyung, had known that they were dating, Lee Yi Kyung surprised everyone by revealing that it had been Lee Ki Woo who had introduced him to Jung In Sun. He added, “She’s been my ideal type for a long time. Even before we started dating, I’d talked about wanting to act with her.” He didn’t hold back on his compliments for Jung In Sun as he said, “She’s kind-hearted and so considerate. She has everything that I lack. She is such a good person to everyone.”

Lee Yi Kyung also shared a fun behind-the-scenes story from his time filming for “Seoulmate.” He said, “I wasn’t very good at making sure I hid anything that would show that I had a girlfriend. I left out a photo of us together, so the staff had to remove it all for me.” On why he had told his guests that he didn’t have a significant other, the actor explained, “I wanted to tell them the truth, but since we both work in the same industry, I didn’t think it was right to talk about our relationship without her consent.”

It was revealed earlier this month that Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun have been in a relationship for close to a year.

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