Actor Lee Yi Kyung recently sat down to talk about how his relationship with “Waikiki” co-star Jung In Sun went public shortly before the drama ended.

“I felt deeply apologetic that it was revealed that way,” he said. “Since it was revealed before we could finish filming, it felt like all our preparations had gone to waste. I felt sorry towards the production staff who had stayed up all night to work on filming. I also felt like the viewers who were immersed in the show got shaken out of that mindset [by the news], so I felt sorry towards them too.”

He added, “I finished filming a day early because of the next thing on my schedule, but [Jung In Sun] found out while she was actually filming. I was unable to go to the after-show party as well, so I felt like I’d put all the weight on her shoulders.”

However, he shared, “I was grateful that so many people supported us. I felt so apologetic to everyone but grateful as well.”

When asked about dating while working, he said, “Love can blossom even on a battlefield [laughs]. In the drama, there were hardly any scenes where we acted together. We were together a bit at the beginning and once for a scene in Episode 19. We didn’t meet each other during filming. We would call or send messages instead. We spoke about it a lot before we started filming and we agreed that the drama was more important than our personal feelings. I’m grateful that [Jung In Sun] was someone who shared that mindset.”

Lee Yi Kyung is currently appearing in the MBC variety show “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets.”

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