Lee Yi Kyung is a fierce, analytical detective for his upcoming MBC drama “Partners for Justice.”

“Partners for Justice” is about an eccentric forensic doctor (Jung Jae Young) and a rookie prosecutor (Jung Yoo Mi) as they work together on investigations. Lee Yi Kyung will be playing the passionate but womanizing detective Cha Soo Ho.

In released photos, Lee Yi Kyung has perfectly taken on his character Cha Soo Ho. He demonstrates how his investigative skills are deeply ingrained in him, as he analyzes everything around him with a sharp gaze. Dressed in clothes suitable of a detective, he exudes charisma with his ID badge hanging from his neck.

The production staff stated, “Lee Yi Kyung, who transforms in every work, will grab viewers’ hearts with his new character. Please look forward to detective Cha Soo Ho, as Lee Yi Kyung makes the character more three-dimensional by putting his own color into him.”

“Partners for Justice” will air after “Tempted” in May and will be available on Viki.

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