Upcoming MBC drama “You Drive Me Crazy” held a press conference with Lee Yoo Young, Kim Seon Ho, and producing director (PD) Hyun Sol Ip in attendance.

“You Drive Me Crazy” is a two-episode drama about Eun Sung (played by Lee Yoo Young) and Rae Won (played by Kim Seon Ho) who have been friends for eight years. It will explore their struggle between love and friendship after sleeping together one night.

PD Hyun Sol Ip said, “It’s very similar to situations and developments we may see in our everyday lives.” Lee Yoo Young stated, “It’s my first time portraying a bright character. I had fun while filming. I was a bit scared to act in this. I worried a lot if I could enjoy it while doing it, but when I actually went for it, it was really fun.”

She continued, “When we first met at the first script reading, we had difference in tone while [going over] the script. I thought that we needed synchronize that, so we read it a lot, and later it matched up. [Kim Seon Ho] was open-minded, accepting, and gave good reactions so we had good chemistry. Just like how we appear in the drama, we also bickered in real life.”

The actress concluded, “I think a fresh, pretty drama was created. I would like it if you enjoyed watching it.”

Kim Seon Ho added, “I laughed a lot and happily filmed this drama. I think this will be reflected in the drama. Please look forward to it.”

“You Drive Me Crazy” will air on May 7 and 8, and will be available on Viki! Check out a trailer for the drama below:

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