Lee Young Ae showed off her unchanging beauty.  

20 years ago, actress Lee Young Ae was known as the woman whose charms were compared to a  breath of fresh air. Now in the November issue of the fashion magazine “Elle,” she comes back as a wife and a mother of two and gives an honest interview along with a pictorial. “Elle” has recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary.

This pictorial has received exceptional attention due to the first ever introduction of the high jewelry collection specially designed for the opening of Louis Vuitton Paris Vendome store. By participating in this Louis Vuitton’s high jewelry pictorial, Lee Young Ae hopes to become active in this brand’s charity work. Lee Young Ae has recently delivered donations for the building of a Myanmar school.

During this interview, Lee Young Ae stated, “Right now, my priority is my family and so I will consider my acting career later.”