Newlywed actress Lee Young-Ae shocked the industry by getting secretly married
in Hawaii last month. She made the initial announcement through her
management, but had not spoken to the press after returning to Korea to
resume her studies. She is currently working toward a doctorate degree at Hanyang University in its theater and film department.

Not one to let an opportunity slip them by, reporters found Lee
Young-Ae on the Hanyang campus as she began her new term, and ambushed
her with questions. Remarkably, Lee kept her poise and
answered questions that were obviously unwanted (and did so without
whacking a reporter in the process). But then again, she’s an old pro
who’s been on the A-list ranks for years, so she’s obviously had a lot of

The guerrilla-style interview took place on the morning of September
15th as she attended classes. This was the first time she had spoken with
press since her wedding, and a crowd of a few dozen reporters found her
outside a lecture room before one of her classes.

She started by saying, “I’m sorry, this is a happy event, so I hope
you will understand with an open mind. In the end, I am very thankful
and happy. In the future, studying diligently as I am now will be an
extension of being an actor. Just because you don’t see me doesn’t mean
I am going to quit acting.”

What are your feelings on being married?

“I’m a student on my way to class, so I can’t speak for a long time. Please understand.”

What kind of person is your husband?

“Everyone has his strengths and weaknesses, but to me, he’s very
reliable, faithful, and a good person. My feelings for my husband go
deeper than love.”

Are you happy being married? Has anything changed?

“I’m happy. Usually I’m not sought out like this, but it’s different
now that I’ve married. There hasn’t been any particular change in my
daily life.”

Are your parents and in-laws pleased?

“Everyone is happy. Everyone has such a deep interest in my marriage
that it’s uncomfortable for me in my advanced age. If possible, I would
appreciate you not going to my in-laws’ home or here to my school.”

Why did you keep your wedding unpublicized?

“Since I’m an entertainer, it would have been nice to have it more
public, but my husband is a normal citizen and would have found it
uncomfortable, so I did my best to look after his wishes. We both
wanted it that way, and our parents did as well, so we kept it a closed

Do you have plans for children?

“I’m a bit older so if it happens…”

What about your plans for the future?

“First off, since I’ve formed my own family now, I want to devote
myself to that. School has started for me, and since my field of study
is my work, I’m working hard to show a more mature to myself as an

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