On SBS‘s Shin Hye Sung’s Music Odyssey, actress, Lee Yu Bi gave an unexpected answer to a question regarding her school days.


Shin Hye Sung asked Lee Yu Bi what kind of student she was back when she attended Sunhwa Arts High School.


And Lee Yu Bi claimed that she was a model student.

I was a student who worked hard at studying, playing, and eating. To be honest, I did pretty well in school. I studied really hard.

— Lee Yu Bi

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But she drew attention by confessing that she used to get bullied.

I was bullied. But it’s not something to speak so seriously about. My mother was Kyeon Mi Ri, after all.

— Lee Yu Bi




According to Lee Yu Bi, she was bullied because of her mother’s status.

Kids were jealous because my parents were famous. My friends hated me. There were ridiculous rumors going around.

— Lee Yu Bi

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She then detailed how she spent her time alone but assured listeners that it’s not a sad story.

We made up later and played together. But I was good at spending time by myself. I went to fast-food restaurants after school by myself and ate. It’s not a sad story.

— Lee Yu Bi

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Luckily, she’s very loved by her fans and colleagues now.

| @yubi_190/Instagram

Not that it bothered her too much to begin with!


Lee Yu Bi just lives her best life.