The music video for Leessang‘s “Turned Off The TV” feat. Tasha and Kwon Jungyeol OF 10CM was released today. The song is one of their three title tracks from their new album Lee Ssang Vol. 7 – Asura Balbalta. “Guy Like Me’s Answer Is You” and “Life” are the other two title tracks.

The music video uses stop motion, shot as they are lying down, to create an interesting animation. 

The name of the album, “Asura Balbalta”, means “everything will come true.” This is their first release in two years. Find out more about the album from our weekly New Music Releases article.


01 Intro
02 Guy Like Me’s Answer Is You (Intro)
03 Guy Like Me’s Answer Is You
04 Turn Off the TV (Intro)
05 Turned Off the TV
06 Bird That Has to Fly Before It Dies (Feat. Kang San Eh, Bizzy)
07 Serenade (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo, Windy City)
08 Gangnam Sa
09 I Give My All to You (feat. Jung In)
10 Life (feat. Baek Ji Young)
11 Gyuk San Ta Oo (feat. Guckkasten)
12 Am I (feat. Bizzy, B-Free)
13 Grand Final (feat. MC Nayul, Jung In)
14 Outro

It was also recently announced that the duo will hold their first solo concert this November.