The duo of Leessang recently sat down for an interview and expressed the dire need for the discovery of new talents in the hip hop scene. 

Although it’s only recently that Leessang became a comfortable name with the public (thanks to their many variety show appearances), the duo has a long standing history in the hip hop industry.  Having debuted in 1997, they made their mark with the likes of Honey Family before formally forming the duo ‘Leessang.’ 

“We’ve been creating hip hop music for so long now, but we didn’t want to be the type of seniors that stood in the way of their juniors in the industry.  We wanted to pull our junior hip hop musicians up to the top and allow them to gain the recognition that they deserve,” the duo began.

“There are times when the hip hop genre is treated like a fringe genre in the industry, which is why we’ve had to see the losses of so many talented musicians.  It’s disappointing in the fact that we don’t think there are many juniors pursuing music that is truly theirs.  We want more talented musicians like Dok2, Supreme Team, and Primary to come out and make the hip hop scene active again.” 

To show their support and to further help their junior artists, the duo made room for featurings in their song, such as “Poison,” which features Dok2, and “Am I,” which features B-Free