Hip Hop duo Leessang will have their first “solo” concert since their debut. (Solo meaning it’s the first time Leessang will have its own concert basically.)

A brief history of Leessang:

They became independent from Honey Family in 2002, and debuted with their first album “Leessang of Honey Family.” Their 7th official album “Asura Balbalta” will be released on August 25th and they will begin preparing for the concert.

A Leessang representative stated, “This is the first concert after debuting, Gary and Gil are now directly helping plan the concert and will also participate in directing the concert as well. We are planning to build this concert into a brand concert titled ‘Leessang Theater.’”

Currently Leessang is gaining attention as a new powerhouse in K-Pop. The new song, “The TV is Turned Off,” which was released on August 16th has reached number one on various charts.

The song, “The TV is Turned Off” is a slow-tempo hip hop song that describes a man’s psychology that is focused on his instincts mixed with a woman’s rational persuasion that is expressed in a shocking way.