On August 25th, Leessang released their album on online websites. However, Leessang’s title song, “The Answer for a Guy Like Me Is You” is banned from KBS. However, the hip hop duo will not seek out to receive a re-trial.

The reason KBS had issues with the song is because the lyrics are too negative. The chorus contains the lyrics “The answer for a guy like me is you / Even though I can’t explain it my heart is like that / Should I just die?” The song expresses the feelings of one going through pain after a breakup.

Gil made a statement, “Since 1997 we have been doing hip hop for about 15 years and there were a lot of times that our songs were banned. Now I’m indifferent to this result. Also, we have no plans of changing the lyrics and applying for a re-trial.”

Gary also made a statement, “In the past lyrics that were even worse wouldn’t get through the explicitness test of broadcasting companies. The standard of judgment is subjective therefore I have no feelings to the judgment. Even if we decide to change the words of a lyric, the feeling of the whole song will be changed. Therefore we have no plans of changing the song and applying for retrial at all.”

Currently Leessang’s songs are sweeping online music charts. Check out the title song that was banned from KBS below: