Super Junior’s Leeteuk discussed his plans for the vacant leader position once he enlists in the Korean army later this month. Leeteuk is scheduled to enlist on October 30, but he hasn’t named a successor for his leader spot.

In an exclusive interview with OSEN, Leeteuk said, “Time really does fly. A few days ago, I told Donghae, ’Only 13 days left,’ but he said, ‘Hyung, it’s 12 days.’ And now I have about a week to go. It makes me think how fast time flies. I read somewhere that you see the world differently depending on your mental state. So I’m trying to think positively.”

When asked what he will do about his position as the leader of Super Junior after he enlists, Leeteuk laughed it off and said jokingly, “Our members do such a great job, I’m just going to leave. If I give the leader spot to someone, and if that person does a good job, I’m afraid I won’t have a spot to come back to. I’ll just say I trust my members and take my leave.”

Despite his light-heartedly response, Leeteuk did express some concerns about the transition and adjustments Super Junior must make in his absence. “It is true that I’m a bit concerned. The worst case scenario would be seeing our team lose its energy while I’m gone. I think that’s really going to be the hardest thing to see. But I still trust my members. I believe they’ll do a good job,” he said.

In conclusion of the interview, Leeteuk dished more thoughts about his enlistment day, which is scheduled for October 30. “What do I do if I cry? All the hyungs that have enlisted said their biggest regret was crying while heading for training. I’m going to do my best not to show any tears,” the leader said as he finished the interview.

Leeteuk will enlist in the korean military on October 30 and receive a five week boot camp training. Despite his back problems due to the 2007 car accident, Leeteuk has decided to enlist as a regular soldier, which will require him to serve in the military for 21 months.