Along with the typical fans, idol and stars rejoiced and celebrated the return of the legendary group Shinhwa and went to the group’s 14th anniversary concert on March 24.

Super Junior’s Donghae tweeted, “Currently watching Shinhwa hyung-nims’ concert. Shinhwa hyungnims are so cool!” Fellow group member Leeteuk also tweeted, “Watching Shinhwa hyungs’ concert~~ Hyung-nims, fighting!!!! It’s difficult, right? If we ever go the on the same program, I will be prepared with many topics to talk about!”

Yubin of the Wonder Girls also went to the concert. She was under the same label as Shinhwa when she was a part of the now disbanded girl group Five Girls. She wrote, “I came back from Shinhwa oppas’ concert~ There are as great as always, and the concert was also really fun.”

Former member of Chakra Jung Ryeo Won also wrote, “To the oppas who have attained their 14th birthday! Congratulations! It seems as though you all shine brighter because you are together,” along with a photo.

Young actor Park Ji Bin who played Geum Jandi’s younger brother, Geum Kang San, on “Boys Over Flowers” also wrote, “I went to the Shinhwa concert because Minwoo hyung invited me~ It was really awesome. Especially ‘Wild Eyes,’ daebak! Today was a good day because I was happy. I wish everybody I met are feeling the same way as I am!”

Taecyeon of 2PM also wrote, “Ah, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s Shinhwa hyungs’ concert. I must go to bed soon,” and expressed his anticipation for the concert.

Fellow tweeters responded, “I also went, and it was really deabak! Old memories come to mind~,” “Leeteuk oppa, Donghae oppa, I also saw the concert~~,” and “I want to go, too~~ Shinhwa concert~~.”

To the delight of evidently a wide array of fans, Shinhwa will be making its first official comeback performance on March 30 on Music Bank.