The lovely members of Girl’s Day are coming back at the end of this week on October 26 with their 5th single. The title track is revealed to be “Don’t Forget Me.”

On October 22, Girl’s Day released several photo teasers through their official me2day account with the caption, “How do the Girl’s Day members look from the back?” The photo teasers reveal the concept for “Don’t Forget Me.”

Netizens who saw the pictures commented, “They’re so pretty~” “I want to see them real bad. I’m super excited and hope their music video and songs hurry up and come out!”

An official from their agency explained, “The girls are able to balance both sexy and femininity. In order to express both perspectives, the outfit mixes black for sexiness with green, which represents liveliness. Rather than trying to match the clothes with the autumn season, we spent more time focusing on how to express the music and costumes in a more mature way.”

This will mark 6 months since their last promotion period with song “Oh! My God” in April. A video teaser will be released on October 23.

Soompiers, who’s excited to hear Girl’s Day’s newest song?