The viewer opinion of KBS 2TV’s Drama Special, “Daughters of Club Bilities” is currently split.

On the episode that was broadcast on August 7th, the show portrayed lesbians in a deep manner. The drama itself gained a lot of attention because currently Korean society is still closed on the matter of same-sex. Also, KBS is a big broadcasting company and the drama is on network television.

Currently the drama is a hot potato because of the split opinions. Although the drama is restricted for individuals over 19 years old, it is still receiving negative comments. One viewer rote, “It’s not right to show lesbians on network television.” While other viewers are writing that “This is a new type of beginning for dramas.

The drama itself portrays the life of lesbians living as minorities within society, in their 10s, 30s, and 50s.

The message of the drama is that same-sex individuals go through love just like any other person. Choi Ran, Kim Hye Ok, and Han Go Eun star in the drama.