In response to criticism that “Let Me In 5” promotes plastic surgery, the producers released a statement accordingly.

Previously on June 5, Womenlink held a protest in front of CJ E&M Center to suspend the production of “Let Me In 5.”

“Some groups have been asking for ‘Let Me In 5’ to be canceled because they believe it promotes plastic surgery,” the show’s representative said. “Though they may be subtle, we have tried to bring changes each season to make a relatable show.”

“We will be paying keen attention to this season’s production as well,” the representative added.

Meanwhile, on June 5, Womenlink posted their press release asking for the show’s cancellation, stating, ‘An hour-long plastic surgery advertisement—stop the TV plastic surgery shows.’

Womenlink protested that the show made viewers “consider plastic surgery after watching the program,” promoted “the growth of expansion of the plastic surgery industry,” and broke the law by “advertising medical proceeds on air, which is against medical treatment law, and advertising sponsors, which is against media law.”

Meanwhile “Let Me In” has been running since 2011 and has reached its fifth season. It is a makeover show that gives women who are physically and mentally pained by their looks a chance to bloom.

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