On August 7th, the show “Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2” was the foci of controversy because of their summer “Dream Girls” special. Viewers of the show complained about the bikini-like clothes that the female celebrities were wearing and also the angle of the camera that seemed to focus on certain body parts.

Many female celebrities appeared on this special and Rainbow’s Jae Kyung and Cho Hyun Young, SISTAR’s Dasom, and Dal Shabet’s Viki participated in the “Ice Sliding Game.”

The rules of the game: whoever goes the farthest sliding wins. The part of the game that viewers had issue with, was the fact that when the female participants were sliding, the area of their breasts were exposed.

Some Netizens argued that there should be no controversy because there is none when male celebrities appear shirtless. However most of the viewers that complained exclaimed that it was too explicit for a show that is watched by the whole family.

What are your thoughts?