The man who contracted the murder of actress Song Sun Mi’s husband has received a life sentence in his second trial.

The man (hereafter known as “A”) received in a life sentence in prison in his second trial, the same sentence he received in his first trial. A was the cousin of Song Sun Mi’s husband and he was charged for contracting the murder during a conflict over their grandfather’s fortune. On top of the murder charge, A was also under charges of forging documents and unlawfully withdrawing large sums of money.

The Seoul High Courts made their ruling on September 14 and stated, “Had this been a case of involuntary manslaughter, there would have been an altercation that led to heightened emotions and a use of force involving a knife,” and “However, CCTV footage submitted as evidence makes it difficult to classify this as involuntary manslaughter.”

They also stated, “The man who was contracted for the murder confessed that A had ordered him to commit the murder in a public place in order to shift suspicion away from A, as A would have been naturally questioned as he was in a conflict with the victim at the time. We believe his confession is compelling evidence in the case.”

The courts also sentenced the man contracted to commit the murder to 18 years in prison and stated, “He is sincerely reflecting on his actions, and he has been providing truthful confessions to the prosecutors, even though it may negatively affect his own case.” This is a reduction from the original sentence of 22 years.

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