Cube Entertainment has finally confirmed that its new girl group, LIGHTSUM, will have eight members—but who are they? Here’s everything we know about Sangah, Chowon, Nayoung, Hina, Juhyeon, Yujeong, Huiyeon, and Jian.

1. Sangah

18-year-old Sangah (born Yoon Sang Ah on September 4, 2002) will be a rapper and lead dancer in LIGHTSUM. She’s 168cm tall and known for her visual similarity to idol-actress Nana and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

| Cube Entertainment

Since Sangah was a secret trainee who was never announced through CUBE TREE, not much is known about her. However, it is said that she passed numerous K-Pop auditions before joining Cube Entertainment—including Kakao M, MLD Entertainment, and CJ ENM.

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2. Chowon

18-year-old Chowon (born Han Cho Won on September 16, 2002) will be a main vocalist in LIGHTSUM. She’s 168cm tall, her blood type is O, and her Catholic name is Sofia.

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The most well-known LIGHTSUM member, Chowon was one of the contestants on Mnet‘s Produce 48. While she originally ranked no.13 in the finale and narrowly missed the cut to join IZ*ONE, it was later revealed that Chowon was a victim of the company’s vote manipulation scandal. Her actual final ranking was no.6 overall.

| Mnet

Since the end of Produce 48, Chowon returned to Cube Entertainment and continued training. Last year, she made her movie debut in Bad Guy after originally training to be an actress. Some of Chowon’s skills and hobbies include playing piano, composing, and waacking, and she trained for four years and eight months in total.

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3. Nayoung

18-year-old Nayoung (born Kim Na Young on November 30, 2002) will be a lead dancer and main vocalist in LIGHTSUM. She’s 154cm tall and her blood type is O.

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Nayoung was also a contestant on Produce 48, but she was signed to Banana Culture Entertainment at the time. Sadly, she finished in 21st place, later signing with Cube Entertainment. However, she also passed auditions for FNC Entertainment, Woollim Entertainment, and Source Music.

| Mnet

Training for four years and five months in total, Nayoung enjoys skipping rope, imitating people, and acting. She speaks Japanese and is known to be friends with FANATICSDoah and fromis_9‘s Gyuri.

| Cube Entertainment

4. Hina

18-year-old Hina (born on April 7, 2003, last name unknown) will be a sub-vocalist in LIGHTSUM and the only Japanese member in the group. The first female Japanese idol under Cube Entertainment, she’s been compared visually to IZ*ONE‘s Nako.

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Another secret trainee, Hina has very little information surrounding her. All fans know so far is that she attended MARU Dance Studio before debuting.

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5. Juhyeon

17-year-old Juhyeon (born Lee Ju Hyeon on April 8, 2004) will be a lead vocalist and main dancer in LIGHTSUM. She’s 171cm tall and her blood type is AB.

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Juhyeon participated in two survival shows before joining LIGHTSUM: The Unit and Dancing High. Though she didn’t win either, she attracted a lot of attention for her incredible dance skills. She’s been dancing since she was in second grade, so it’s no surprise she’s so talented.

| KBS2

Juhyeon’s role models are BoA and HyunA, and she once had a cameo in PENTAGON‘s “Young” music video. Her hobbies include watching dramas, listening to music, and going for walks, and she’s been training for around seven years.

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6. Yujeong

16-year-old Yujeong (born Lee Yu Jeong on June 14, 2004) will be a sub-vocalist in LIGHTSUM. She’s 160cm tall, her blood type is AB, and she currently attends School of Performing Arts Seoul as a Theater and Film student.

| Cube Entertainment

Over the years, Yujeong has trained under Stardom Entertainment, Fantagio Entertainment, and CNC School. Alongside Chowon and Nayoung, she was also a Produce 48 contestant, finishing in 51st place.

| Mnet

Yujeong has been training for three years and four months, and was previously a cheerleader for five years. She hobbies include playing the piano, performing in musicals, and covering K-Pop dances. Some say she has similar visuals to Oh My Girl‘s Arin and fromis_9‘s Jiheon.

| Cube Entertainment

7. Huiyeon

15-year-old Huiyeon (born Oh Hui Yeon on August 1, 2005) will be a sub-vocalist in LIGHTSUM.

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Before joining Cube Entertainment, Huiyeon passed auditions for P-NATION, JYP Entertainment, and Snowball Entertainment. She also attended two idol training academies to hone her skills. However, other than that, not much is known about her yet.

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8. Jian

14-year-old Jian (born Kim Ji An on November 4, 2006) will be a rapper and sub-vocalist in LIGHTSUM as well as the group’s maknae.

| Cube Entertainment

Jian was also a secret trainee, so she’s something of a mystery right now. One notable fact about her is that she’s one of the youngest idols in K-Pop right now, joining BustersMinji and TRI.BE‘s Mire who were also born in 2006.

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