7 members in a K-Pop group can make for tricky line distributions. While it’s not a huge number of members, it’s enough that it’s pretty much a given that some members are going to get quite a few less lines than others, even though all the members of GOT7 deserve equal time in the spotlight. These graphs show the percentage of lines that each member has per song, and at the end of the list is the total percentage of lines that each member has from these 16 main singles. Who do you expect to have the most and least?

1. “Girls, Girls, Girls”

meta-chart (31)

2. “A”

meta-chart (32)

3. “Stop Stop It”

meta-chart (16)

4. “Just Right”

meta-chart (17)

5. “If You Do”

meta-chart (18)

6. “Fly”

meta-chart (19)

7. “Home Run”

meta-chart (20)

8. “Hard Carry”

meta-chart (21)

9. “Never Ever”

meta-chart (22)

10. “You Are”

meta-chart (23)

11. “Look”

meta-chart (24)

12. “Lullaby”

meta-chart (25)

13. “Miracle”

meta-chart (26)

14. “Eclipse”

meta-chart (27)

15. “You Calling My Name”

meta-chart (28)

16. “Not by the Moon”

meta-chart (29)


meta-chart (30)