Highlight’s Yang Yoseob has shared a new message with fans!

On February 8, Highlight’s official Youtube channel uploaded a video of Yang Yoseob greeting fans from the military. The singer enlisted in the army in January and is currently undergoing basic military training.

In the clip, Yang Yoseob’s voice can be heard as he talks about his new military lifestyle. Read a transcript of his audio message below:

Hello, it’s Recruit No. 167 Yang Yoseob. After receiving an A on my score evaluations, I was rewarded a phone-call and a chance to let [fans] hear my voice.

Everyone is healthy, right? I’m also healthy and doing well. Waking up in the early morning and doing morning roll calls with my hoarse voice, sleeping at 10 p.m., eating my meals at an exact time—I’ve adjusted perfectly to all these things, so I’m greatly enjoying it.

And the internet letters everyone has sent me! In addition to the internet letters, all the letters I’ve received give me a lot of strength. I’m working hard to commit to my training, so please send me lots of letters in the future as well.

I hope everyone can be happy and healthy. I’ll continue supporting everybody. Bye!