Hwang Min Woo, better known for his “Little Psy” role on “Gangnam Style,” is now one of the hottest celebrities in K-Pop!

On October 24, MBC’s“Good Day” broadcasted Hwang Min Woo backstage from one of his events. “I am really busy these days,” said Hwang Min Woo. Regardless of his young age, he has shot up to the top most wanted “celebrities” these days by event organizers.

The “Little Psy” explained how busy he is these day, “I sometimes don’t have enough time to go to school.” As “Gangnam Style” became remarkably famous, so did Hwang Min Woo who appeared in the music video.

During a backstage interview, Hwang Min Woo added, “I am here to perform. I am not nervous or worried. I just want to have fun.”

At the stage, Hwang Min Woo did a great job, taking control of the audience. After the performance was over he said, “I am little tired but I still can go on.”  

Netizens commented, “How old is he exactly?” “Is he related to Psy in any way?” and “He needs to go back to school!”