Update 46:

And that ends our coverage of the 2015 SBS Gayo Daejun! We are REALLY sorry about the earlier technical issues, hopefully the live blog was still interesting to follow. Big thanks to melkimx and small_smiley for helping out with the live blog and thank you to everyone that followed along tonight.

We will back in 2 days time on Dec 29th to cover the 2015 MBC Entertainment Awards at 9PM KST. Hope to see you all there~

Signing off~

Lordbordem the panicked koala


Update 45:

Wouldn’t be a PSY performance without this one, time for some Gangnam Style~

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Update 44:

Not over yet, time for some fancy light show action~

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Update 43:

Time for some flappy pants, PSY performs Napal Baji

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Update 42:

PSY starts off by performing one of his most recent songs, Daddy

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Update 41:

Looks like it is now time for the final performance of the night. PSY will be ending the night with a surprise stage.

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Update 40:

In what can only be described as magic, Girls’ Generation changes outfits in a femtosecond and is back on stage to perform Lion Heart. (More like delayed telecast or prerecording but no one likes having magic tricks spoiled~ ^^”)

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Update 39:

Time for the Girl Crush, Girls’ Generation on stage now to perform Catch Me If You Can

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Update 38:

Time for another collaboration stage, this time it’s SHINee x EXO performing MAMA x Lucifier. If you’re wondering why there is no pictures of the EXO section, it’s because the SBS lighting director forgot to turn the lights on during their stage. So it was just a big blob of blackness.

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Update 37

Time for the group with the most popular leader. SHINee lands on stage to perform VIEW and Hitchhiking

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Update 36

Not enough EXO for you? Good news! EXO stays on stage to perform Love Me Right

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Update 35

EXO gets the phones ringing as they perform CALL ME BABY (I think I’m getting pretty good at these atypical music show introductions if I do so say myself~)

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Update 34:

2PM performs My House, it’s the first time I’ve heard this song (Yeah I know, I’m a bit behind the times) but the song is really catchy~ I like~

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Update 33:

Nothing Bad at all about this performance. INFINITE is up on stage now performing Bad

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Update 32:

Next up is the Global Artists Arc. 4Minute is the first global artist on stage, performing Crazy

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Update 31:

We now have the interview section with the leaders of all the groups. They have prepared a special event where the leaders each picked a leader they wanted to be. The leader that was picked as the most popular leader was SHINee’s Onew. He thanks everyone that voted for him and says that the members were the one that helped lead him along.

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Update 30: 

Every sweet boy needs a sweet girl~  B1A4 performs Sweet Girl (I should get a job writing those music show introductions~)

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Update 29:

Next is the Sweet Boys section, the groups with the sweet voices. Starting us off is BTOB with It’s Okay

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Update 28:

Seolhyun is the first batter up as AOA performs Heart Attack

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Update 27:

EXID performs Hot Pink while dressed in black. I can’t be the only one that half hoped they would dress up in florescent pink~

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Update 26:

Fortune Cookie time with people born in 1992 (The year of the Monkey)

EXO’s fortune cookie is about how they weathered the storm and that next year will be filled with fortune.

B1A4’s fortune is about how they should not leave decisions to luck and should make their own decisions

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Update 25:

VIXX showing some skin while performing Chained Up

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Update 24:

Lovelyz being lovely on stage (yeah I know horrible joke~) performing For You

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Update 23:

Time for some girl groups~ GFriends now on stage with Glassbead and Me Gustas Tu

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Update 22:

GOT7 has the whole heaven and hell concept down to perfection while performing If You Do

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Update 21:

B.A.P in some nice leathers performs Young Wild and Free. Shin Dong Yeop teases IU during the intermission, saying that she looks really happy being able to watch Boy Groups perform

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Update 20:

MONSTA X starts off the Hip Hop arc of the 2015 SBS Gayo Daejun performing Trespass and HERO

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Update 19

TWICE in some really nice looking self branded cheerleading costumes performing Like Ohh Ahh


Update 18:

Seventeen in a complete set of matching red suits performs Adore U

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Update 17:

UP10TION up next with So, Dangerous


Update 16:

For anyone that missed the opening performance for Part 1, SBS’s official twitter has started posting highlights

Update 15:

SHINee’s Taemin (joined by Chen and Baekhyun) performs Yoo Jae Ha’s “Because I love you” from his best and unfortunately last album8948794214124 48949873

Update 14:

EXO’s Baekhyun sings one of Kim Hyun Sik’s most popular songs, “When it rains”

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Update 13:

EXO’s Chen performs Kim Kwang Suk’s “I Loved You But…”

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Update 12:

Part 2 of the SBS Gayo Daejun has now begun. We start off with some classic Korean song highlights from Kim Kwang Suk, Yoo Jae Ha and Kim Hyun Suk. A tribute stage called “Tribute to Heaven”


Update 11:
Wonder Girls performs I Feel You  to complete part 1 of the SBS Gayo Daejun. Join us again in a few minutes time for Part 2 of the SBS Gayo Daejun

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Update 10:

Looks like they are preparing to finish up part 1 of the 2015 SBS Gayo Daejun. Shin Dong Yeop and EXO’s Xiumin introducing some of the artists for Part 2 (Girls’ Generation, 2PM) and introducing the last performers for part 1, Wonder Girls


Update 9:

IU now dressed in some lovely black singing 23 for what I believe is the first time on air? I’m probably horribly wrong thou ^^”
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Update 8:

Red Velvet dressed up as princesses performing Dumb Dumb and Ice Cream Cake

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Update 7:

Hyukoh now on stage singing Wari Gari


Update 6:

We now have the collaboration stage with Hyukoh and IU, singing Gondry and Knees

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Update 5:

Jonghyun on stage now with Deja-boo featuring Wonder Girl’s Yubin

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Update 4: 

Ailee, MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, APink’s Eunji and f(x)’s Luna performing Jinju’s I’m Alright


Update 3:

We now have super rookies of the year, IKON performing Dumb and Dumber and What’s Wrong
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Emergency Update  2:

AOA receiving the best promoters award as Seolhyun’s promotion video for Gayo Daejun had the most amount of views at over 500 thousand views

Emergency Update 1:

Liveblog platform has died on us, so we will do post updates until it comes back alive.

So far we’ve had Ailee and APink perform while we were away

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