On April 19, LMFAO posted a link to an interesting remix video on their official Facebook page.

The video, titled “LMFAO vs GD & T.O.P – Party Rocks The Night High (DJ Dave Mashup),” is a mash up clip of LMFAO’s “Party Rocks” and GD & T.O.P’s “High High,” with footage of their respective music videos playing over each other.

However, the video was found not to have been put together by either LMFAO or GD & T.O.P. In fact, LMFAO just linked the video to their Facebook page, without telling the original creator of the video, who apparently goes by the name DJ Dave, or @thefiredevil88 on YouTube.

The original creator of the video posted on his YouTube channel, “ehmm…wow..this morning I’ve found 740 emails on my phone and I thought wtf? I gave a quick look, and most came from youtube, all your comments! I can’t believe it..I’ve posted this video for my friends and I did not imagine that would go all around the world! So I thank you all and i thank the artists for publishing my track on their facebook pages .. is very satisfying considering that this is an homeade work de42 One more thing: this is not from Dj Masa XD”

Either way, the video looks pretty amazing and you should totally check it out. Enjoy!