On September 1, cosmetics and skincare brand Skinfood released a fun commercial starring actress Kim Yoo Jung and chef Jung Chang Wook. The duo have been paired up because some people, including Kim Yoo Jung herself, have remarked that they look so similar they could be mistaken for siblings!

kim soo jung jung chang wook 2

In the video, Kim Yoo Jung wakes up in the morning and goes about her usual routine, but she’s shocked when she looks in the mirror and sees Jung Chang Wook’s face instead of her own. She says her busy schedule is really affecting her skin, so she heads off to see Jung Chang Wook for some help.

He whips up a concoction for her in the kitchen, which seems to do the trick as the two then show off their blemish-free, glowing skin.

Do you think these two stars look alike?

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