LOONA‘s Chuu was recently swept into bullying accusations. An alleged victim posted on a community site to accuse the star of school violence, while including yearbook photos as proof that they attended the same school.

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The alleged victim claims, “When I heard she was debuting, I did not feel good. However, as I didn’t see her often (on TV) I thought that it was okay as long as I didn’t see her and that she’d disappear quickly. However, recently I started seeing her in many places, even on TV and I wasn’t able to control my seeing her. The memories I tried so hard to suppress kept resurfacing and I thought, how come the victim has to hide in fear while the perpetrator can come out on TV like nothing happened, that’s why I’m leaving a post.

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The alleged victim claims to have been in the same class as Chuu during their first year of middle school. They claim that despite not having been super close to Chuu, they hung around enough such that they had visited Chuu’s house to play before.

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A school festival lineup list including Chuu. | Wikitree

OP claims there was another friend in their class called J*B and that friend was the one who wielded the most power in the class. They were in a class with only girls as the school separated genders for classes. Chuu allegedly stuck by J*B the most and sowed discord.

J*B and Kim Jiwoo (Chuu’s legal name) went around and made kids the outcasts and the reasons were always simply that they just didn’t like them. One day, one of my close friends, A, was made the outcast. I was the only one who would eat and chat with A and I guess Kim Jiwoo didn’t like that so Kim Jiwoo talked to A and made it sound like I was the one that instigated making A the outcast.  Afterwards, when I got a grip on things, I was now the outcast. Of course, I also resented A who only listened to Kim Jiwoo and not my side of the story, but I can’t forget how Kim Jiwoo sowed discord between us like she didn’t do anything wrong. Later on, they invited me to a group chat and cursed me out or threatened me, and there was once where they blocked my path when I tried to go home from the school fates and cursed at me. This was after I left the group chat. After this, I couldn’t eat cafeteria food and I was always alone in the classroom during lunch time. Our form teacher asked me what was wrong but I couldn’t say anything back then. I didn’t want to remember the times from then so I pathetically didn’t gather any evidences as well. After some time passed and when year one was about to end, I asked Kim Jiwoo just what she didn’t like about me, and if me being with A was such as huge mistake. Kim Jiwoo said there was that as a reason too, but before that, she also didn’t like me. So when I pressed the matter, Kim Jiwoo said that something had happened previously when I was playing with her and other friends at her house’s carpark that made her feel bad. Kim Jiwoo said that she had to leave and go home early as her mom might worry, and I had responded that her mom seemed to be the type to worry a lot. Kim Jiwoo was offended by this as she felt I was treating her mom as someone that was sensitive and strict. I still remember how taken aback at this I was. Was it such an impolite thing I had said? Which part of it seemed like I meant like her mom was sensitive? I was so flustered that this was the reason I had to spend one year like I was in hell. After that, I became really quiet in personality and when I look back at the rolling papers from year two, they all comment on how quiet I was.

— OP

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OP furthered added on two incidents she claims to remember — Chuu allegedly let out a huge sigh when OP stood in front of the class to present during a practical grading for music class. The second incident was that they had a pen they lost which they later discovered in Chuu’s pencil case. When they asked Chuu about it, Chuu denied it completely but OP was sure it was their pen due to an ink mark on it. OP also claimed, “I didn’t think I did anything wrong but Kim Jiwoo kept asking me for an apology and invited me into a group chat. As soon as I left it she would invite me back and this kept repeating. She would grab my hair on my way home and ask why I wasn’t apologizing.” Chuu allegedly also told OP that they smelled and told OP to wash their hair, causing them to end up showering three times in a day.

Wikitree reporters called up Chuu’s agency but were not able to get in contact with them.