Although Haseul is currently on hiatus, there was absolutely no stopping her from showering Orbit with a whole lot of love after she heard LOONA had taken home their first-ever music show win!


On March 12, LOONA won for the first time on a music show when their latest hit “So What” took no. 1 on M! Countdown.

loona first win

While Orbit immediately began celebrating the amazing news with the hashtags #LOONA1stWin, #SoWhat1stWin, and #ForHaseul, LOONA took to Instagram to celebrate too. Each of the members posted a sweet message in both English and Korea expressing their excitement over the win while showering fans with a whole lot of love and thanks.

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???? [#고원 / #GoWon] 오빛 저희 1위 했어요!ㅠㅠ 가장 많이 응원해 주신 우리 오빛들! 너무 보고 싶어요. 덕분에 1위라는 소중한 선물을 받아서 정말 행복해요. 항상 저희 이달의 소녀 옆에서 함께 해 주고 사랑해 주는 우리 오빛들이 있기에 저희도 존재하는 것 같아요. 앞으로도 오빛들에게 사랑을 줄 수 있는 고원이가 될게요. 오빛 사랑해요 ⠀ Orbits, we won the first place! For all orbits who had been supporting for us! I miss you guys. I’m really happy because we received this special gift because of orbits. I think LOONA exists because orbits exist and you guys are always there for us and supporting us. I love you guys orbits and I will be GoWon who will give more love to you guys orbits.

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As each member posted their messages and warmed fans’ hearts, Haseul came to celebrate too. Despite currently being on hiatus, Haseul wanted to share just how much the win meant to her as well! Sharing two new pictures, Haseul showered fans with lots of love and thanked them for the award.

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???? [#하슬 / #HaSeul] 안녕하세요 이달의 소녀 하슬입니다! 저희가 첫 1위를 하게 되었는데요 그 자리에 함께 하지 못해서 아쉽지만 언제나 마음은 오빛과 우리 멤버들과 함께 있습니다 ㅎ 이 상은 오빛과 저희와 함께 해 주신 스탭 선생님들 블록베리 가족들 덕분인 거 같아요 우리 멤버들!!! 오늘 1위한 거 너무 축하하고 많이 사랑해❤️ ⠀ Hello everyone this is HaSeul! We won the first place and I wish I could have been there but you guys know that I'm there for you guys in your heart hehe This award goes to our orbits and BlockBerryCreative staffs and all the other staffs!! Congrats to you all and I love you guys so much❤️

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Seeing Haseul’s post, Orbits have been filled with even more love for the lovely leader and made sure that she knew it!

With so much love from LOONA, Haseul, and Orbit, there’s no doubt this win is truly meaningful to everybody! Congratulations LOONA!