An Orbit (LOONA‘s official fandom name) recently shared their fansign experience with LOONA’s Heejin on Twitter, and we can’t get over how touching it was!

| @loonatheworld/Twitter

Lucky fan Martin shared that they were able to talk about non-binarism and gender identity with Heejin, and was touched to hear her respect their pronouns with an open-mind. Heejin even spoke to Martin about how she sees gender non-binarism.

I think any form of gender view or expression is valid, I can’t fully understand it because I still have a lot to learn, but sometimes I have felt that I am a gender non-conforming person, so it’s okay.


| @loonatheworld/Twitter

Martin had also asked Heejin what she would say to someone confused about their gender, and Heejin had a thoughtful and kind response.

Don’t worry, it’s something that can happen and you don’t have to be ashamed! Remember that LOONA will love you anyway!



Heejin’s responses were honest and respectful, and Martin shared that the entire experience made them emotional and more confident about their identity! You can read Martin’s entire experience below: