LOONA’s agency BlockBerry Creative has revealed that several of its members were involved in a car accident.

On September 29, in a statement released through LOONA’s official fan cafe, the agency announced, “This morning, the car transporting LOONA members Heejin, Hyunjin, Yeojin, Choerry, and Olivia Hye was involved in a collision.”

BlockBerry Creative also updated fans on the members’ health, reassuring them, “Fortunately, however, no members were injured. According to their medical diagnoses and the doctor’s opinion, they will be able to continue promoting.”

The agency continued, “We know that the fans are worried, and we are aware of your concerns. From now on, we will make safety even more of a priority during the group’s activities.”

LOONA recently made their long-awaited debut with the album “+ +,” featuring the title track “Hi High.”

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