LOONA has wowed fans with their new music video!

On February 19, LOONA made a comeback with their repackaged album “[X X]” and its title track “Butterfly.” Soon after the album and music video for “Butterfly” were released at 6 p.m. KST, #LOONA_BUTTERFLY was topping worldwide trending topics on Twitter.

The group previously said that their concept this time around would be something that’s possibly never been done before by a K-pop girl group, and many of their fans (known as Orbit) are agreeing 100 percent with this description. In particular, the MV and song carry powerful messages that have touched fans.

Many viewers were impressed by the representation and diversity captured in the MV.

The music video’s strong message of empowerment has moved many fans.

And the performance shots are amazing everyone!

The members are also showcasing their talents through the track.

There are also lots of clear references to things we’ve seen before in other videos from the LOONAverse.

Of course, all this appreciation doesn’t mean there aren’t some funny memes.

Overall, the MV seems to be the perfect package.

What are your feelings about LOONA’s new MV?