Girl group LOONA shared some insights into their dorm life!

LOONA recently made their debut as a full group with “Hi High,” after they previously introduced each of their twelve members individually through solo music videos as well as promoted as sub units.

On September 17, LOONA was a guest on the online variety show “Celuv TV,” and their appearance included them talking about what life is like in their dorm. The members said, “The unit yyxy, which has four members, uses a small room and the other eight members use a big room.”

Host JeA asked member Yves if there’s anything inconvenient about living together in a dorm that houses 12 people. Yves said, “Since we have a lot of members, one thing that’s inconvenient is the bathroom. We decide the order of who uses it through rock, paper, scissors.”

JeA commented, “That seems fair. That’s how we did it in my group Brown Eyed Girls as well.”

Check out LOONA’s debut MV for “Hi High” here!

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