BlockBerry Creative has shared information on the current state of LOONA members Yves and Yeojin after an unfortunate incident at their concert this weekend led to injuries.

On February 18, a representative from BlockBerry Creative told SPOTVNews, “Yves and Yeojin, who were injured during the concert, have received detailed examinations. It appears that Yves will have no difficulty promoting. For Yeojin, it looks like we will need to wait a bit more and see.”

It’s described that while preparing in the dark on stage for a performance at LOONA’s concert on February 16, Yeojin tripped on Yves and fell. Yves injured her nose, and Yeojin injured her leg. The two members still took part in their concert on February 17, doing minimized movements during the dances with more intense choreography, and they also still performed their solo songs. They tried to reassure fans during the show by explaining their condition.

LOONA will be making a comeback on February 19 with their repackaged album “X X” featuring the title track “Butterfly.”

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