Raise your hand, if you felt something when the mysterious male lead in BLACKPINK‘s music video for “Lovesick Girls” cuddled up to Lisa.

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Now raise your hand, if you wanted to absolutely murder him for breaking Rosé‘s heart after all these adorable moments together.

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If you agreed to both counts, you’re not alone! But beyond how the music video has got us feeling, fans have been wondering – just who is he? We’ve sleuthed out the answer. Introducing, LØREN, a musician under The Black Label.

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This is not the first encounter BLINKs have had with the smoking hot cutie. He once posted the cutest jamming session with Rosé. With him on the guitar, her on the vocals and keyboard, it’s a familiar scene re-enacted in “Lovesick Girls”.

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Although the video has been removed from his Instagram, you can catch it below.

LØREN is on The Black Label’s roster of musicians, including Vince and Danny Chung, both of whom are known for participating on production and song writing for a bulk of BLACKPINK and Somi‘s songs.

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Vince, LØREN and Danny Chung. | @lorenisalone/Instagram

His distinctive blond highlights and the mole beneath his eye have endeared him to fans, who compliment his looks.

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He also seems to be close with the girls of BLACKPINK, as he visited them on the set of “Ice Cream”. Check out this polaroid he snapped with Lisa.

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Hi piercing gaze, lean frame and tattooed skin makes him look all the more unique.

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Not only was he credited under lyrics writing for “Lovesick Girls”, he is also a talented guitarist and drummer. He has been playing the drums since roughly ten years ago.

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LØREN seems fluent in English as well, given the fluency on his Instagram posts. Unfortunately, not much else is known about his personal life. Keep an eye out for this rising star!