According to KOFIC (The Korean Film Council) on March 5, “Love Fiction” reached 1,013,822 viewers. On the first weekend of March the film had 567,819 viewers.

This is a new record in terms of amount of viewers amassed within 5 days of its release. “200 Pounds Beauty” had reached a million viewers in 6 days of its release.

The film “Love Fiction” had 163,635 viewers on the day of its February 29 release. As we reported earlier, industry experts believed that the film would surpass 1 million viewers within a week of its release. They were correct!

The basic storyline behind “Love Fiction” is about a writer (Ha Jung Woo) who searches for a muse. Then he meets the perfect woman who is an amateur photographer. (Gong Hyo Jin) His fantasies are destroyed and he begins to face a dilemma.