Check out the preview for tonight’s episode below! 

Seo Joon: Who was the person you were supposed to meet? 
Jung Ha Ha: My mom’s first love. The person in my mom’s memories, who made her so happy…
Seo Joon: Stop right there!
Seo Joon & Han Tae Sung: Who are you?
Jung Ha Na: It’s nothing.
Jung Ha Na: Let’s go.
Seo Joon: Let’s have lunch/dinner. [wasn’t specific]
Jung Ha Na: What?
Jung Ha Na: Are you saying that you like me?…
Jo Soo: Is this for real? [asking about his feelings]
Seo Joon: I’m just playing with her.
Jung Ha Na: You said you can make a girl fall for you in three seconds. You’ll probably never get the chance to make me fall for you. Cause I won’t see you, not even for a second.
Jung Ha Na: Is this me?!
Jung Ha Na: You used a photo of me without my consent!
Seo Joon: What are you doing?

Meanwhile, KBSLove Rain,” starring Jang Geun Suk and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, recorded 5.4% (AGB Nielsen), a 0.1% increase from the fourth episode. “Love Rain” will air its sixth episode tonight, April 10, at 9:55PM KST.