Singer actor Seo In Gook made his comeback today, releasing his new mini-album “Vol.1 – Perfect Fit” along with the full music video for “Tease Me.” It’s been revealed that the MnetSuperstar K” winner lost 10 kgs ( 22.5 lbs) for his comeback.

The talented singer also made headlines for his superb acting in currently airing KBS series “Love Rain,” starring Jang Geun Suk and Girls’ Generation YoonA. While it was his first major acting role, Seo In Gook managed to leave a strong impression on the viewers as Kim Chang Mo.

Seo In Gook revealed, “I worked out with a trainer, and I’ve also adjusted my diet. I lost 10 kgs over three months.” He continued, “Now, I think I became the master of losing weight. When I was getting ready for my debut, I also lost a lot of weight like this. It’s no longer hard for me to lose weight. Even my trainer is surprised [at my ability to lose weight easily].”