On a recent episode of MBC‘s South Korean Foreigners, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny and Hyoyeon, as well as Lovelyz‘s Kei and Mijoo, made an appearance where they participated in a quiz game.



On the show, Kei talked about their thoughts on having been a group for 6 years and what they wish to accomplish.

We want to continue on for a long time, and we want to be in a girl group for a long time.

— Kei


As such, she asked Girls’ Generation for advice.

I want to ask our Girls’ Generation sunbaes for advice regarding mental state and the relationship between members.

— Kei


And in response, Hyoyeon expressed that communication is the most important.

In Girls’ Generation, if one member had negative thoughts, we all got together and talked for a long time.

— Hyoyeon


Kei sympathized,

We talk a lot as well. If we’re disappointed or sad about something, we say it right away.

— Kei


What gained particular attention was when the host asked Kei what she thought about Mijoo’s eccentric behavior.

Mijoo tends to do a lot of things that stand out. Do you have anything to say about that?

— Kim Yong Man


And Kei expressed that she loves it.

She does those things for the group. So we commend her for it. I love it.

— Kei




Mijoo has received significant attention in the past for her stunning beauty as well as her confident and unapologetic behavior.


She recently faced a sexual harassment controversy, but she soon made a formal apology to the appropriate parties involved.